Beam detectors are ideally suited for large open plan warehouses, or are they?

Most manufacturers call for a clear space of 500 mm for the beam away from obstructions; this is especially important for reflective type beam detectors.

There are reported incidents of the beam being reflected from the roof structure and not the shiny metal plate. We believe the entire roof structure is covered when only half of it is!

Please ensure your technicians test the beam detector AT the reflective plate, not at the transmitter.

The second problem encountered is that the SANS standard calls for the smoke beam to be no more than 600 mm away from the apex of the roof. How is this possible if the structural beam is 300 mm deep and we require a 500 mm clearance?

When assessing any building for beams make sure that your beam is within 600mm of the roof and that it has a 500mm clearance from any obstruction.

If the building is over 10.5 m high and you cannot be within the two above parameters you have only one choice - Aspiration.

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