CertificatesHow many installations are handed over with the correct documentation and certification. NOT MANY!!

Have you considered the importance of the certificates that should be handed over on completion of the installation?

On completion of each installation the client should be presented with:


The designer carries responsibility for the installation. The certificate provides information as to who the responsible person is, and his design philosophy.


This acts as the installers pledge that the system is fully functional and will perform the actions requested by the designer. The FSIB will not accept any installation until the commissioner certificate is signed and handed over.


The installer completes this document to state that he has installed the system in accordance with the supplied design information.


This certificate should be supplied by a third party inspectrate. The contractor or designer signing this certificate acts as self certification which is not an accepted practice.

It is an offense for persons to falsify these certificates.

These cerificates are important for the end user to ensure he has a compliant working installation and acts as proof for the fire department and his insurer.