The FDIA were becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of different fire-resistant cables appearing on the market and decided to conduct tests on these cables.

Tests were conducted in line with the required standard EN 50200 to primarily determine if these cables can withstand temperatures of 840o for 30 minutes.

CablesOut of 6 cables tested only 4 passed. This is even though the printing on the cable sheath declares them to be PH30!

It was also noted, that out of the 4 cables that lasted for 30 minutes, two of these either have an incorrect drain wire size or the sheathing is not halogen free.

One of the cables generated so much black toxic fumes the test personnel had to evacuate the room.

This means that out of 6 cables tested ONLY 2 FULLY COMPLY with the national standard.

Due to these results the FDIA is collecting further cable samples and will be running a second set of tests shortly. Once complete the results will be published.